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156 – The Memory OT ft Allison Brush

If you're like me you are aware that memory is a thing. You may even know there are different types etc but for many this is the extent of it. Allison Brush IS the Memory OT. I came across her page on Insta where she puts out awesome content...

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155 – ALL ABOUT OCCUPATION ft Clare Hocking

Time for a secret sneaky episode! featuring the one and only Claire Hocking doing her All About Occupation Seminar For more and how to register for future seminars, see:

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154 – The State of the Profession

So I've been asked a fair bit about where I think the profession is at right now and where I think it's going. So here is a short and sweet exploration of that exact topic.....or is it....

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153 – How To/Not to Enact Change in the Profession ft Clarice Grote

We explore OT's role in politics and how Clarice's background makes her the perfect therapist to break this down for me. We look at various practice areas and the impact the medical model is having on them as well as our opinions on the positive or negative aspects of...

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152 – ALL ABOUT OCCUPATION ft Jaime Leite Junior

This seminar aims to create a dialogue about the possibilities of life faced by the population who experience dissidence of genders and sexualities.

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151 – Can Anyone Be a Dope Leader?

Leadership is a topic that everyone has come across during their studies, career, sports engagement or just general life but how’s your knowledge about what it actually is?

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