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127 – Occupied Update

Just a short update about where I've been, what I've been up to, and what the plan is for 2022!

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125 – ALL ABOUT OCCUPATION ft Dr Paula Kramer

COVID has drastically changed the critically important occupations of many and has enhanced our understanding of occupational disruption experienced by clients with disabilities. Occupational therapists profess to understand disruption, but now have a personal experience of disruption. The pandemic provides a unique perspective on our clients’ experience.

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OCCUPIED Plus+ clip – What do I Need in a Contract

Been asked a few times recently for tips on the kinds of things new graduates should think about when going in to negotiate their first contract. This is NOT LEGAL ADVICE but rather some points to keep in mind. Should you need legal advice for your contract most definitely...

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124 – Lessons from a Career in Occupational Therapy

What I would want to know if I was about to step into the world as an OT for the very first time. So here it is, my lessons from a career in OT.

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123 – The Real Life Impact of Eating Disorders ft Carissa Dyer

rs. How does this hyper focus on food, eating, comparison, judgement and hiding all of the above from your closest people impact your life?

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