067 – Sensory Processing and Reflex Integration

Sensory processing is something that is not uncommon to hear spoken about in OT circles but unless you’re on the coalface of its application it can seem a little like the therapist is playing games. I am well versed in Sensory Modulation in mental health but I wanted to learn a bit more about the basics of sensory processing in paediatrics.

Kara Rice runs a private practice that specialises in brain development and sensory integration. She was amazing and taught me so much! I really loved how she framed sensory integration not as a standalone modality but in the context of the impact it has on behaviours and reactions…..on OCCUPATIONAL ENGAGEMENT!! This was VERY exciting for me.

Learning about primitive reflect integration was also very exciting for me as it’s not something I’ve ever been exposed to before. If, like me, you have an interest in learning the basics of sensory processing and what an OT does in this space than this is definitely the episode for you!

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