103 – Lived Experience Inside Graffiti Culture ft Mr Toy Division

Waaaaay back in episode 090, the lovely Clarissa Sorlie came on the show and discussed her exploration of graffiti culture. After this episode aired I was contacted by an anonymous therapist, Mr Toy Division. Mr TD was an occupational therapist who has been a part of this relatively unexplored culture for many many years. We arranged for him to come on the show and give a “lived experience” of being a part of graffiti writing culture.

Now Mr TD has done an episode previously on OT & Chill which I do encourage you to check out as well.

So Sit back, relax and see how deep exploring a subculture can get!

Check out his podcast which “includes stories about being a clueless graffiti writer and other related subjects”. If you are an OT in the Sydney area, Mr TD is now offering graffiti workshops for clients. If you’re interested contact him through the Toy Division Podcast instagram account.

Look after yourself, look after others and always keep Occupied