THE OT ROUNDTABLE – 138 -Who is the Imposter?

Our Roundtable Guest:
Alondra is an occupational therapist in Bay Area California and currently, she provides services via Hippotherapy, which entails incorporating horses And utilizing the movement of the horse Within the treatment sessions. She has a keen interest in imposter syndrome given her own personal experience of it. 

Talking Points

  • What is imposter syndrome? 
  • How does it manifest?
    • Physical and mental 
    • Impact of comparison 
    • Can lead to increased stress and anxiety
  • Why are some people more affected by imposter syndrome and others not?
  • How to combat imposter syndrome
    • Acknowledge it 
    • Name what is happening
    • Find supports 
    • Mindfulness
    • Reframe your mindset
  • Resources

Find out if you are an imposter- take the test