Month: September 2019

050 – A Celebration of you, the Listener

When I started Occupied I didn’t really have a plan for how it was going to go. It was a form of creative expression for me and I enjoyed learning the process and creating a product. The uptake of said product has been absolutely amazing. I’d be lying if I said I was excited every…

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049 – Meaning and Occupational Engagement

This is an emerging topic for me. It’s something for which I’ve seen a correlation for many many years. Now is the stage in my career where I’m starting to explore this more in-depth. Meaning is arguably the most important aspect of a person’s occupation. Yet, in my experience, it is also one of the…

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048 – OTReference Discusses the Similarities Between OT and Powerlifting

Since the beginning of my involvement in the sport of powerlifting, I’ve always been fascinated by the similarities. There are close links between the skillsets required to excel in Powerlifting and those commonly utilised by Occupational Therapists. I have, previously, written blog posts on how I’ve utilised my OT skillset in my coaching. To build…

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