Month: November 2019

056 – What If You Just Found Out That You Had A Sibling?

Have you ever thought about how your life would change if you just found out you had a sibling? Sounds like a movie script right? What if one sibling was an Occupational Therapist and the other had Cerebral Palsy? How would your occupations change? How would your family dynamic change? I came across Whitney and…

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055 – Exploring Neuro with TheBrainyOT

I came across Crystal’s Intagram account during her “Neuro A-Z Photo Challenge”. Her content and explanations are exceptional and I learned a lot. Since then her content has continued with her focus on educating OT’s and the public on all things neuro, especially stroke. Her passion for her practice area is very obvious and infectious. …

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054 – Mental Wellbeing and Occupational Therapy

This episode I wanted to reflect on an idea that I’ve been playing around with for a few weeks and that’s the difference between Mental Health and Mental Illness. Having an understanding of the links between wellbeing and mental health is a skill that every clinician can take into just about every clinical practice area….

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