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For a long time I’ve wanted to expand the resources and value I can add to you, the listener. From this OccupiedPlus+ was born. From as little as $4 a month you become a member of the Occupied Plus+ Patreon. In there you will get access to resources from monthly Occupied Plus+ podcast episodes, Monthly AMA, a range of digitally downloadable resources, Short essays on important topics and so much more! In this higher tiers there is also available supervision/mentorship with myself, supporter shoutouts on the Occupied podcast and ongoing direct chat access to me for continued regular support. 

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148 – ALL ABOUT OCCUPATION ft Sakshi Tickoo Occupied

his session will focus on understanding the basics of sexuality and the various ways it translates into human occupations.
  1. 148 – ALL ABOUT OCCUPATION ft Sakshi Tickoo
  2. 147 – Should Therapy be Conducted Outdoors
  3. 146 – Eating Disorders Program Followup ft Carissa Gualano
  4. 145 – ALL ABOUT OCCUPATION – ft John Knight
  5. 144 – THE OT ROUNDTABLE – Should Every OT Practitioner Be A Fieldwork Educator?

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