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169 – EquipMeOT ft Lindsay DeLong Occupied

In this inspiring episode of Occupied, I sit down with the multi-talented Lindsay DeLong, an occupational therapist and online content creator known for her innovative videos on assistive technologies. Lindsay shares her journey of merging her passion for occupational therapy with her creative flair, offering listeners a unique perspective on how assistive technologies can enhance lives. She delves into the challenges and rewards of being a creator in this niche, providing valuable insights for both aspiring content creators and occupational therapy professionals. This episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in the intersection of healthcare, technology, and creativity, as Lindsay's story is a testament to the impact one can make by combining their professional expertise with their personal interests. And hey, if you enjoyed today’s chat, we’d love it if you could leave us a review and share the episode with your network. Look after yourself, look after others, and always keep Occupied
  1. 169 – EquipMeOT ft Lindsay DeLong
  2. 168 – Critical Thinking 101
  3. 167 – How to improve your Interviewing
  4. 166 – Call out your Whiteness ft Helen Harrington and Marielle Turner
  5. 165 – Celebrate the Little Wins

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