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162 – Trauma Informed Occupational Therapy ft Marie Bell

I explore my friend, Marie’s, journey into working with kids with trauma and some of the considerations that need to be made by clinicians when working in this kind of area.  Look after yourself, look after others, and always keep Occupied

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161 – ALL ABOUT OCCUPATION ft Assoc Prof Genevieve Pepin

The main aim of this presentation is to share the evolution of the role of occupational therapists in the field of eating disorders.

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160 – Catching Up with Ms OT Flourish ft Mandy Chamberlain

If you're on social media and don't know Mandy then are you really on social media? Mandy is not only a beautiful person but has been in the online space helping therapists and students grow and learn into the profession.

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159 – The Independence Myth

What does being Independent mean? why does it always seem to be an OT's goal for their clients? Is it even possible? A long time bug bear that I decided to have a deeper look into. Part of this ep looks at info from the included article. 

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158 – ALL ABOUT OCCUPATION ft Karina Sanson-Fisher

Karina Sanson-Fisher Occupational therapist in Mulubinba (Newcastle), Australia Instagram @doing.therapy Session title Doing Drugs: Occupational therapy and alcohol and other drugs Session details This session explores an occupational therapy role working with people who use alcohol and other drugs, and provides my own experiences of finding and maintaining occupationally...

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157 – Lessons I’ve Learned Pushing OT Into The Digital World

Absolutely honoured to be asked to deliver the keynote for the Wisconsin OT Association virtual conference. This is that presentation as well as the Q&A at the end of it for your consumption. 

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