All About Occupation

134 – ALL ABOUT OCCUPATION ft Dr Danielle Hitch

Outcome measurement is crucial to proving the effectiveness of occupational therapy, but remains scarce in many areas of practice. So what’s holding us back?

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121 – All About Occupation ft Michael Sy & Pauline Gail Martinez

Describe the group culture of people who desire to be “beautiful” through the world of beauty pageants
Discuss the different perspective on pageantry work
Discuss essential and hidden occupations performed within the context of beauty pageants

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114 – All About Occupation Series ft Karen Whalley Hammell

Karen will reflect on her report entitled ‘Engagement in living during the Covid-19 pandemic and ensuing occupational disruption’. This essay, about occupation and wellbeing, was written in March 2020 during the uncertainties of the first weeks of the pandemic. Looking back on the intervening year, Karen will explore the deeply rooted social inequities and structural injustices that have been exposed by the pandemic; inequities that impacted occupational rights, wellbeing and the likelihood of survival itself.

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