Occupational Science

130 – ALL ABOUT OCCUPATION ft Moses N Ikiugu

Session Details
In this seminar, we will discuss the following:
– The nature of meaningful occupations – The difference between meaningful and psychologically rewarding occupations
– The postulated healing properties of meaningful and psychologically rewarding occupations
– Future research to clarify the nature of meaningful and psychologically rewarding occupations

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125 – ALL ABOUT OCCUPATION ft Dr Paula Kramer

COVID has drastically changed the critically important occupations of many and has enhanced our understanding of occupational disruption experienced by clients with disabilities. Occupational therapists profess to understand disruption, but now have a personal experience of disruption. The pandemic provides a unique perspective on our clients’ experience.

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118 – All About Occupation Series ft Dr Nedra Peter

The aim of this session is to show how social assistance recipients experience lack of opportunity and resources to make everyday choices and to have decision-making power as they participate in occupations. This presentation will also consider my research from a lens that moves away from individualised Western epistemologies and discuss how race/culture has a significant influence on occupation.

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