006 – The Business of Women’s Health and Occupational Therapy

Melissa LaPointe is a friend I’ve known for a number of years and I’ve watched her entrepreneurial journey building from her original passion area, Occupational Therapy and Women’s Health. Now she is an online entrepreneur, a women’s health advocate, a coach, a leadership consultant and a community builder!

We went into some detail around therapist burnout and how we both have been through it and come out the other side. I obviously explored the role of Occupational Therapy in Women’s Health and the types of things they might do in this area and how Melissa’s work in this area devolved into her current online businesses. Melissa’s passion has now evolved into supporting and coaching other therapists to follow their passion for developing healthy and sustainable private practices’.

Melissa’s consultancy service can be found here:

Melissa’s online community for therapists and entrepreneurs in pediatrics and women’s health.

Melissa referred to a poem she wrote about me in the podcast….well i found it haha so enjoy her creative writing skills!

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