045 – Newgrad Mental Health and the Transition from Student

This conversation starting talking about the transition and what to expect moving from a student to newgrad practitioner. Thalia was honest and raw and didn’t sugar-coat any of the experiences, good and bad. We explored the intricacies of practitioner mental health. The aim being to come up with some strategies for newgrads to help maintaining their mental health and thrive during the transition. Thalia, as am I, is of the opinion that this level of awareness and conversation is important for newgrads to be exposed to. 

I first came across Thalia about a year ago and was instantly taken by her confidence in putting herself and her experiences out there for the world to see and to learn from. At the time she was a student who had been documenting her placement experiences and reflecting on them in youtube videos on her channel, Endless Eduation

She has since then graduated and begun working as an Occupational Therapist. Her channel, likewise, has graduated to sharing her musings and reflections on her transition to a practitioner. 

Her content is amazing and i thoroughly encourage all students and new grads to check out her youtube (shown above). She is also working with The OT Hub so if you’ve not checked them out yet, get on it! If you wanted to contact her, leave a comment on her youtube or you can tweet her at @Thalia_OT 🙂 

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