109 – Kwaku and Brock Do Communication Good

Been a big fan of Kwaku Agyemang since he started his podcast, OT & Chill. The cool laid back vibe, amazing guests and epic conversations really connected with me and my learning style. As I got to know him through the podcasting community I realised, “hey this dude is really quite unique”. His ever positive perspective, impecable clinical reasoning and passion for the profession drew and instant connection. Getting him on Occupied was a must! But what would we talk about? His work in prisons? His passion for movement, sport and exercise? The various transitions he’s been through during his life? Nope. This conversation is 100% naturally developed. We barely even said hello, we just started talking and let the convo go where it naturally wanted. In this case it eventually drifted towards communication skills and the nuance involved in being an excellent clinical communicator.

There truly is something for everyone in this episode so please do enjoy.

Look after yourself, look after others and always keep Occupied


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