112 – Integrated Womens Health ft Taryn Gaudin

Taryn is Occupied’s first physiotherapist! I’ve known Taryn since university and since that time she has developed a unique perspective on her practice which has grown into a business that offers integrated woman’s pelvic floor health services. We explore the journey she took in getting to this place in her career, and how she navigates some of the common queries such as scope of practice and evidence based practice.

Some of the techniques Taryn uses to help women to explore & expand their relationship with their body & self include:

  • Movement & Exercise Therapy
  • Pelvic Floor Strengthening, Release & Relaxation, & Balancing Techniques
  • Core & Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy, including Internal & External Pelvic Floor Therapy & Massage
  • Intuitive Energetic release work – massage, self-massage & energetic balancing + bodywork practices
  • Meditation – Guided breath work, visualisation & deep relaxation techniques
  • Mindfulness practices
  • Mindset shifts – including belief unveiling & belief reprogramming
  • Personalised self-care rituals & practices

Check out her work/services here:


Look after yourself, look after others and always keep Occupied


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