147 – Should Therapy be Conducted Outdoors

Our Roundtable Brad: 

Brad Williams is an occupational therapist based in Adelaide, Australia and enjoys thinking deeply about why we do things the way we do and shaking things up or trying new things when there might be better ways of doing things. 

Brad created Naturally Gathered with the mission of changing children’s lives through connection, belonging and occupations in nature. They do this by delivering engaging, strength-focussed and nature-based therapy services to support children to reach their goals, discover their potential and know what they can contribute to the communities and the world. 

Talking Points

  • Benefits and drawbacks of outdoor learning and therapy
  • Impact of Covid 19 on indoor vs outdoor therapy 
  • The future of learning 
  • Occupation based practice
  • Are OT practitioners more benefited from practicing outdoors?
  • “Therapy supplies” as a crutch 
  • Natural exposure to environmental elements 
  • Implications for therapists




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