Today’s episode is all about mastering interviews, whether you’re sitting in the hot seat or the one steering the conversation. We’re unpacking everything from breaking down interview myths to post-interview protocols in a way that’s easy to digest and even easier to put into action.

First off, we’re tackling what really happens in an interview, shining a light on the realities versus the common myths. Making a stellar first impression is more than just dressing sharp; it’s about presenting the best version of yourself, from your body language to your choice of words. And speaking of words, we’ll dive into how to keep the conversation flowing naturally, with tips on active listening and expressing yourself clearly without getting tangled in jargon. Feeling jittery just thinking about interviews? No stress! We’ve got some straightforward strategies to help you stay cool and collected. Plus, once the interview’s over, we’re not leaving you hanging. We’ll chat about the art of the follow-up and why reflecting on your interview experience is a hidden gem for personal growth. Wrapping up Episode 167, remember, it’s all about being prepared, staying authentic, and communicating clearly. Tune in next time for more real talk and pro tips in the world of occupational therapy.

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