Month: October 2019

053 – Brooke George is Teaming with Dementia

I know a lot of passionate people. I also know a lot of people in a lot of different practice areas. I’ve been lucky enough to know a couple of people who are incredibly passionate about working in the aged care sector. Brooke George has an amazing passion for working with people who have dementia….

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052 – An OT Students Lived Experience of Chronic Pain

Continuing on a bit of a trend of lived experiences on the podcast I roped in the awesome Taylah Douglass to have a chat about her experience with Chronic Pain. Taylah is currently completing her OT degree just outside of Melbourne Australia and the combination of her study and her experience of pain has given…

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051 – When You Love What You Do…WORK with Karen Jacobs

Professor Karen Jacobs is one of those guests that makes me feel like I don’t work hard enough. Any of the projects she has been involved in could be looked at as career-defining by mere mortals like myself. Everything from writing textbooks, creating national campaigns looking at safe backpack use, writing a library of kids…

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