143 – An Exploration of Creativity ft Moo Smith

In this episode Moo and I explore creativity and where the mental and physical benefits of creativity might lay as well as how Moo manages the balance between using creativity for self expression as well as a business.

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117 – Creativity Vs Science- The Juxtaposition of Occupational Therapy

So recently I was given the opportunity to present to the Royal College of Occupational Therapists Specialist Section for Children, Young People and Families. At the time I was toying around with the concept of the “Art & Science of OT” so as part of my looking into that I built this presentation that looks at where that came from and what it means for modern occupational therapists.

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068 – Passion and Content Creation with OT Miri

We explore content creation and exchanged hints and tips for OT’s to not only find their creative talent but also to dive into sharing it with the world.

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