Month: November 2020

091 – Falls Prevention and OT

Some of you will remember Erin from the Occupied 2020 Guide to Job Interviews….Well she’s back! and this time we are delving into her true passion, falls prevention. This is an area I will openly admit that I didn’t know much about the specifics of it so i absolutely loved this conversation. Erin is very occupation based in her views and practice and very practical in her advice. Give it a listen.

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090 – Exploring Graffiti as an Occupation

This episode the lovely Clarissa Sorlie joins me again to shed some light on her interest in the occupation of graffiti. Considering this occupation using the concept of the Dark Side of Occupation we explore the depths of why people engage in it and some of the meaning they often assign to it.

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089 – Leading a Mindful Life with Jess Leggatt

Jess is a phenomenal OT and a great friend of mine. She has often explored the road less travelled in this profession and has developed into a clinician with a unique perspective on life, health, wellbeing and OT. In this episode we delve into Jess’s story, her burnout and how she rebuilt herself to be a better, stronger OT. She talks about her use of mindfulness, self-awareness, rest, and yoga among many other things.

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